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GUIDED WHITETAIL DEER – October 1, 2016 to February 28, 2017

 $500.00 per day plus harvest fee for management bucks and/or trophy bucks. No harvest fee is required for doe, spikes, hogs, and/or coyotes. All management and trophy package hunts include the opportunity to harvest other game such as does, spikes, hogs, bobcats, and coyotes at no additional cost.

Hunts can be upgraded to include the opportunity to harvest turkey, duck, dove, and/or quail for an additional $250.00 per day.



    Our “pay by score” hunting packages allow hunters to pay for exactly what they have harvested, however, final costs cannot be 100% guaranteed until the buck has been harvested and scored. A non-refundable $500.00 per day fee is required when hunting via the “pay by score” option with a minimum of two days.

  • Management buck (5 1/2 yrs or older scoring <125 B&C) – $1500.00
  • 125 B&C- 140B&C $2500.00 plus $150.00 per inch over 129B&C
  • 141B&C- 150B&C $3500.00 plus $150.00 per inch over 140B&C
  • 151B&C- 170B&C $5000.00 plus $150.00 per inch over 150B&C
  • 171B&C and Higher $8500.00 plus $150.00 per inch over 170B&C



These 3 day/ 3 night (one evening, two full days, and one morning hunt) Whitetail hunting package options allow hunters to pay a

non-refundable one-time payment to eliminate guess work of pricing based on individual deer scores. Day fees are included in the one-time payment of our Total Package hunts.


 Meat Hunter’s Package- $2500.00 includes 2 doe, unlimited hogs, and one buck up to 120 B&C

 Management Package- $3500.00 for any buck 6 1/2 years or older up to 139 B&C

 Tres Hijos Trophy Package- $5500 for any buck 5 1/2 years or older 140 B&C and up

** Non Guided hunts are also available, however, there will be a $1000.00 penalty for any buck harvested under 5 1/2 years of age.

 ALL HUNT PRICES  include excellent accommodations to include food and beverages, transportation to and from blinds, guide fees, and transportation to and from airport if needed.  Alcohol is not provided but is allowed.  Hunters must furnish their own hunting license, firearm, and ammunition.  All hunters are required to sign a Hunters’ Release Form and are expected to comply with the Hunting Regulations the State of Texas and of Rancho Tres Hijos. 



Accommodations are available for up to six persons who would like to visit Rancho Tres Hijos for wildlife observation and photography at a rate of $250.00 per person per day. Meals are included.

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