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Beefmaster bulls and heifers for sale – November 2015


Time surely goes by fast!  2015 has been a great year for Rancho Tres Hijos.  We have had plenty of rain which has resulted in a return of our buffel grass and quail.  Our cattle have had good grass for the first time in about 5 years.   We have 17 registered Beefmaster heifers for sale that have been weaned and have received all of their vaccinations and shots.  These heifers are 9 – 10 months old at this time (November 2015).  We invite you to come look at them as well as our bulls.  Shown above are  pictures of a couple of our heifers.

We have now have 7 bulls for sale that have all passed their BSE test and are ready for breeding.  They are about 20 months of age and include 2 bulls sired by Fabulous Las Vegas.  Here are pictures of a couple   of them:


A son of Brush Country and an El Duque daughter.          A son of Brush Country and one of our Pacesetter cows.

Please give me a call to answer any questions you may have about the heifers or bulls that we have at the ranch for sale– 713-898-8044 or email me at  I will be pleased to send you the BBU registration numbers so that you can look up the details for them on the BBU website.






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July 2013 – Young Beefmaster bulls ready for sale

Surely seems like it was just yesterday that I was writing this blog, but it is now almost a year.  We have survived the severe South Texas drought and have recently had some good rains.  The grass is green again and the  cattle are happy.  I have 4 excellent Beefmaster bulls around 20 months of age that are tested and ready for sale.  Please look at the pictures below that I have taken recently of three of the bulls.  Look up the performance pedigrees on the BBU website, and then give me a call at 713-898-8044 to talk about these bulls..  If you are looking for a really good Beefmaster bull as a herd sire, you should look closely at these bulls.

BBU# C1017161






BBU# C1017147



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Browns purchase Beefmaster bull at ranch

Many thanks to Nancy and Bob Brown of the Bar B Ranch in George West, Texas who recently purchased  a two year old Beefmaster bull, #10/35, a Forty-Four Magnum son, at the ranch.  We hope that he will be happy in his new home and will do a good job for the Browns.

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Two year old Beefmaster Bulls for sale – 11-7-2011

Born on 12/02/09, this is 35/0, a son of FortyFour Magnum and one of our FortyFour daughters.

He weaned at 570# and had a yearling weight of 880#.

His REA was 10.1 and his IMF was 1.9.

He is a double bred FortyFour progeny and will bring all of the attributes of that famous Typesetter/Pacesetter bull to your herd.

He is smooth and very correct.

Born on 11/15/09, this bull is 19/0 out of Catalyst 729 and one of our 9510 daughters.

He weaned at 635#  and weighed 850# as a yearling.

He is a very clean and smooth, medium sized bull that will do really well with heifers.

This is 20/0, another Catalyst 729 son out of one of our Sierra 44 daughters.

He weaned at 690# with a yearling weight of 975#.

His yearling REA was 11.51 and his IMF was 2.9.

An outstanding bull!

Here is 53/0, a son of 1526 and one of our Catalyst 729 daughters.

He is a half brother to trait leader, Lasaster 4248, and also to High  Country.

He weaned at 650# and had a yearling weight of 980#.

Born on 12/11/09, he had a 9.4 REA and 1.9 IMF at yearling measurement.

Very deep and thick and solid red.

A  beautiful son of El Duque. owned by Nolan Ryan, born 12/13/09.

This bull, 57/0, out of a Catalyst 729 daughter, weaned at 600# and had a yearling weight of 875#.

His REA was 11.17 with an IMF of 2.4.

Outstanding conformation and muscle!

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