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Beefmaster heifers for sale at the ranch – November 2016

solid red Fabulous Las Vegas Heifer #C944935


We have now weaned, culled, and sorted all of our 2016 calf crop, and have 11 very good heifers for sale at the ranch.  We also have plans to enter several additional heifers in Beefmaster sales in San Antonio and Houston in 2017.  All heifers are registered, have had all of their vaccinations, and will be ready to breed in late spring of 2017.  I am attaching a few pictures of some of them to represent what we have at the ranch.  I have priced them beginning at $2500 each so I don’t believe they will last long.  If you need some good replacement Beefmaster heifers, please call me, 713-898-8044, or email me,, and I will send you a complete list of them with their BBU registration numbers. You are always welcome to visit the ranch 5 miles from Tilden, Texas, and take a look at them.  You can also see our herd bulls and the dams of the calves.  Thanks, Bub



El Duque heifer #C1067331


Lucky Las Vegas heifers

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Beefmaster Bulls for sale at the ranch – July 2016

2016 has been a great year in South Texas.  We have been blessed with rain and our cattle are probably in the best shape in years.  We kept 18 bulls out of our 2015 calf crop that we felt were good enough to keep and develop.  Of those we sent 6 to Cain Cattle Company in Mississippi for their bull test.  They will be sold in the Cain Cattle Sale to be held in Pickens, Mississippi, on October 8, 2017.  We also sent 6 bulls to the Beef on Forage Bull Test in Central Texas.  So far, only one bull has been eliminated from this very strict test, so we are hopeful that the other 5 will make the final cut and sell in the annual Beef on Forage Sale to be held in Brenham, Texas, on October 15, 2016.  That leaves us with 6 Beefmaster bulls that are about 18-19 months old and that we have raised mostly in the South Texas brush at our ranch. The bulls were sent to the Livc Oak Performance Bull Test in June of this year and performed well.  They have all been fertility tested and certified to be good breeders.   We now have them back at the ranch and they are for sale.  If they do not sell before January 2017, we will put them in the Live Oak Bull Sale at Three Rivers, TX.  If you are looking for a good young bull, with excellent genetics, outstanding EPD’s and ultrasound data, please come by our ranch where they were raised and take a look at them.  We will also be able to show you the dams of the bulls as well as our herd bulls.  Please give us a call  or email to send you the details about the bulls and answer any questions or to schedule a visit. Below are pictures of the bulls at the ranch:

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Beefmaster bulls and heifers for sale – November 2015


Time surely goes by fast!  2015 has been a great year for Rancho Tres Hijos.  We have had plenty of rain which has resulted in a return of our buffel grass and quail.  Our cattle have had good grass for the first time in about 5 years.   We have 17 registered Beefmaster heifers for sale that have been weaned and have received all of their vaccinations and shots.  These heifers are 9 – 10 months old at this time (November 2015).  We invite you to come look at them as well as our bulls.  Shown above are  pictures of a couple of our heifers.

We have now have 7 bulls for sale that have all passed their BSE test and are ready for breeding.  They are about 20 months of age and include 2 bulls sired by Fabulous Las Vegas.  Here are pictures of a couple   of them:


A son of Brush Country and an El Duque daughter.          A son of Brush Country and one of our Pacesetter cows.

Please give me a call to answer any questions you may have about the heifers or bulls that we have at the ranch for sale– 713-898-8044 or email me at  I will be pleased to send you the BBU registration numbers so that you can look up the details for them on the BBU website.






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Fabulous Las Vegas

I was fortunate to obtain some Fabulous Las Vegas semen before he went to Mexico.  I have been using it very successfully for the past three years and have sold two of his sons at the past two Houston Futurities.  I have retained one son, named Lucky Las Vegas,  and put him to work as a clean up bull in our breeding program.  I plan to collect him after this breeding season.  I  have five sons that will be for sale this summer as 17-18 month old bulls.  If you do not remember seeing Lucky Las Vegas on the cover of the March 2015 Beefmaster Cowman, a picture is below:

A son of Fabulous Las Vegas and a High Country daughter born 12/15/12.


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Thank goodness for the rain and good cattle prices October 2014

It is hard to believe that I have not entered a post for a year – my apologies.   It has been a tough year in the brush country of South Texas, but we have finally had some good rains the past few weeks and the grass has turned green again.  Also, cattle prices are higher which has been encouraging to all of us who are in this business.  I have sold all of my open heifers that were born last winter and only have three twenty-two month old bulls left to sell.  Two are at the ranch:  one is a Fabulous Las Vegas son and the other is a son of Colonel Tom, one of our herd bulls.  I also have a Logan son that will be in the Collier Farms Bull sale in November.   I am enclosing some pictures made in August 2014 of some of my heifers and the Fabulous Las Vegas son #6/3 before the rains came.  Please notice the scarcity of grass.


 Should you ever have any questions about the bulls we now have for sale or our Registered Beefmaster operation at Rancho Tres Hijos, please call me on my cellular, 713-898-8044.  Thanks, Bub Epley


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July 2013 – Young Beefmaster bulls ready for sale

Surely seems like it was just yesterday that I was writing this blog, but it is now almost a year.  We have survived the severe South Texas drought and have recently had some good rains.  The grass is green again and the  cattle are happy.  I have 4 excellent Beefmaster bulls around 20 months of age that are tested and ready for sale.  Please look at the pictures below that I have taken recently of three of the bulls.  Look up the performance pedigrees on the BBU website, and then give me a call at 713-898-8044 to talk about these bulls..  If you are looking for a really good Beefmaster bull as a herd sire, you should look closely at these bulls.

BBU# C1017161






BBU# C1017147



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Beefmaster calves at Rancho Tres Hijos

We are pleased that we have had 100 Beefmaster calves within the 60 day calving interval from December 12, 2011 to February 11, 2012.  We were pretty busy at the ranch during this time.  Approximately 60% of the calves born were AI calves that were all sequenced to be born on December 21, 2011.   We are very pleased with the quality of these calves which were sired from semen from Logan, Rushman, Fabulous Las Vegas, CF 224/5, Jack of Diamonds, Pride Two, High Country, El Duque, and Encore, as well as the 40% which were sired by our herd bulls, Brush Country, Duke’s Son, Rojo Bueno, and Orr 916.  We invite you to visit the ranch and come look at these calves and their Beefmaster mother cows.

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RTH Beefmaster heifers selected by Robert & Elsa Maldonado

We would like to thank Robert & Elsa Maldonado for visiting our ranch and selecting ten of our open heifers to begin their Registered Beefmaster herd in Duval County, Texas. We were very pleased to work with them and will continue to watch their progress in developing their herd of Beefmaster cattle.  We still have ten open heifers that are available for sale at this time as well as one mature Beefmaster bull.

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Lasater 4248, and also to High Country and Brush Country.  He was born on 12/11/09 and weaned at 6 months of age at 650#.  His yearling weight was 980.   He is a clean, solid red bull, with plenty of muscle and bone to help any herd.  His BBU # is C989962.  Please attend the sale at the Houston Farm and Ranch Club and see this bull!

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Two year old Beefmaster Bulls for sale – 11-7-2011

Born on 12/02/09, this is 35/0, a son of FortyFour Magnum and one of our FortyFour daughters.

He weaned at 570# and had a yearling weight of 880#.

His REA was 10.1 and his IMF was 1.9.

He is a double bred FortyFour progeny and will bring all of the attributes of that famous Typesetter/Pacesetter bull to your herd.

He is smooth and very correct.

Born on 11/15/09, this bull is 19/0 out of Catalyst 729 and one of our 9510 daughters.

He weaned at 635#  and weighed 850# as a yearling.

He is a very clean and smooth, medium sized bull that will do really well with heifers.

This is 20/0, another Catalyst 729 son out of one of our Sierra 44 daughters.

He weaned at 690# with a yearling weight of 975#.

His yearling REA was 11.51 and his IMF was 2.9.

An outstanding bull!

Here is 53/0, a son of 1526 and one of our Catalyst 729 daughters.

He is a half brother to trait leader, Lasaster 4248, and also to High  Country.

He weaned at 650# and had a yearling weight of 980#.

Born on 12/11/09, he had a 9.4 REA and 1.9 IMF at yearling measurement.

Very deep and thick and solid red.

A  beautiful son of El Duque. owned by Nolan Ryan, born 12/13/09.

This bull, 57/0, out of a Catalyst 729 daughter, weaned at 600# and had a yearling weight of 875#.

His REA was 11.17 with an IMF of 2.4.

Outstanding conformation and muscle!

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