We have 17 registered Beefmaster heifers for sale at the ranch.  They are all solid red except 1 dun and have had all of their shots.  Please contact us for complete details including the BBU certificate numbers and actual weaning records.  I have them priced from $1500 to $2000 depending upon how many you might take and the conformation and genetics.  You can contact me by email at awe3@3hijos.com or by phone at 713-898-8044.  I am posting some pictures of the heifers and selected individual heifers that are in this heifer  crop.  We have a great heifer for sale at the BBU convention in Fort Worth at the end of the month and we will also be showing Colonel Tom, the sire of the heifer.  Hope to see you there.


RTH Colonel Tom heifer for sale at 2013 BBU Convention


Typical RTH heifer for sale


RTH Beefmaster heifer for sale out of Rushman & Houston Warrior daughter


RTH Registered Beefmaster heifers in the steel pens at weaning