We are pleased that we have had 100 Beefmaster calves within the 60 day calving interval from December 12, 2011 to February 11, 2012.  We were pretty busy at the ranch during this time.  Approximately 60% of the calves born were AI calves that were all sequenced to be born on December 21, 2011.   We are very pleased with the quality of these calves which were sired from semen from Logan, Rushman, Fabulous Las Vegas, CF 224/5, Jack of Diamonds, Pride Two, High Country, El Duque, and Encore, as well as the 40% which were sired by our herd bulls, Brush Country, Duke’s Son, Rojo Bueno, and Orr 916.  We invite you to visit the ranch and come look at these calves and their Beefmaster mother cows.