RTH Beefmaster heifers selected by Robert & Elsa Maldonado

We would like to thank Robert & Elsa Maldonado for visiting our ranch and selecting ten of our open heifers to begin their Registered Beefmaster herd in Duval County, Texas. We were very pleased to work with them and will continue to watch their progress in developing their herd of Beefmaster cattle.  We still have ten open heifers that are available for sale at this time as well as one mature Beefmaster bull.

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Lasater 4248, and also to High Country and Brush Country.  He was born on 12/11/09 and weaned at 6 months of age at 650#.  His yearling weight was 980.   He is a clean, solid red bull, with plenty of muscle and bone to help any herd.  His BBU # is C989962.  Please attend the sale at the Houston Farm and Ranch Club and see this bull!

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Gary Schmidt purchases Beefmaster Bull at the ranch

Thanks go to Gary Schmidt and his family for purchasing our Beefmaster bull #10/19.  This bull is a son of Catalyst 729 who has done an outstanding job of producing good Beefmaster cattle.  We hope that the bull will be happy in his new home and do an outstanding job for Gary as he builds his Beefmaster herd.

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Browns purchase Beefmaster bull at ranch

Many thanks to Nancy and Bob Brown of the Bar B Ranch in George West, Texas who recently purchased  a two year old Beefmaster bull, #10/35, a Forty-Four Magnum son, at the ranch.  We hope that he will be happy in his new home and will do a good job for the Browns.

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Two year old Beefmaster Bulls for sale – 11-7-2011

Born on 12/02/09, this is 35/0, a son of FortyFour Magnum and one of our FortyFour daughters.

He weaned at 570# and had a yearling weight of 880#.

His REA was 10.1 and his IMF was 1.9.

He is a double bred FortyFour progeny and will bring all of the attributes of that famous Typesetter/Pacesetter bull to your herd.

He is smooth and very correct.

Born on 11/15/09, this bull is 19/0 out of Catalyst 729 and one of our 9510 daughters.

He weaned at 635#  and weighed 850# as a yearling.

He is a very clean and smooth, medium sized bull that will do really well with heifers.

This is 20/0, another Catalyst 729 son out of one of our Sierra 44 daughters.

He weaned at 690# with a yearling weight of 975#.

His yearling REA was 11.51 and his IMF was 2.9.

An outstanding bull!

Here is 53/0, a son of 1526 and one of our Catalyst 729 daughters.

He is a half brother to trait leader, Lasaster 4248, and also to High  Country.

He weaned at 650# and had a yearling weight of 980#.

Born on 12/11/09, he had a 9.4 REA and 1.9 IMF at yearling measurement.

Very deep and thick and solid red.

A  beautiful son of El Duque. owned by Nolan Ryan, born 12/13/09.

This bull, 57/0, out of a Catalyst 729 daughter, weaned at 600# and had a yearling weight of 875#.

His REA was 11.17 with an IMF of 2.4.

Outstanding conformation and muscle!

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Beefmaster Heifers for sale




























Originally posted: August 29th, 2011 by Bub
We have just finished sorting all of our heifers and have selected 30 that are for sale at the Ranch.  All are registered and have received all of their vaccinations and shots.  They are all red, except one.  Sires include Logan, Red Sugar, Catalyst, Sierra 44, L-9510, L-1526, El Duque and others.  Please call me at 713-898-8044 or email, awe3@3hijos.com, for a list including the BBU#, d.o.b., birth and weaning weights.

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One bull sold – 9 more offered

Originally posted: July 10th, 2011 by Bub

Thanks to Mr. Roy Harris of H K Bar Ranch in Kenedy for buying one of our 18 month old bulls.  Mr. Harris chose a Catalyst son which was out of one  four few remaining Mac cows.  Mac was a bull that we bought from Gerald McKenzie in Louisiana and who has been pictured in our advertisements in the past and also in BBU literature.  We also still have 2 High Country sons that are in the Beef on Forage group undergoing feed tests.  They will sell in September at the Beef on Forage Sale.  The bulls that do not sell at the ranch will be entered into the Live Oak Bull Sale in January 2012.

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18 month old Beefmaster bulls for sale

Originally posted: June 20th, 2011 by Bub

We have just finished testing our 18 month old bulls and we have 10 registered Beefmaster bulls for sale at the ranch.  They are priced from $2500 to $4000 depending upon pedigree and conformation.  There are several Catalyst sons as well as one 1526 son and two El Duque sons.  Please email awe3@3hijos.com or call 713-898-8044 for more complete information.  Better yet, stop by the ranch and take a look at them.

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Registered Beefmaster Bulls for Sale

Originally posted: April 28th, 2011 by Bub

I have two good bulls for sale at the ranch.  One is a three year old that I used last year and kept as a spare for this year.  My breeding season is almost complete and I have not needed him.   He is a son of Sierra Forty-Four which we purchased from Rocker Ranch.  His registration is #C962534 and he is a solid red with a white star face.  I also have a solid dun bull that is 2 1/2 years old that I also held back.  He is really outstanding and is a half brother to Forty-Four Magnum.  His registration is #C981916.  Both bulls have been ultrasounded at one year of age and are guaranteed to breed.  You can look them up at the BBU website,  www.Beefmasters.org or please give me a call at 713-898-8044 or an email at awe3@3hijos.com for more information.

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Thanks to Lisa and Mike Hunt, Rockin H Ranch

Originally posted: October 20th, 2010 by Bub

Many thanks to Lisa & Mike Hunt of Rockin H Ranch in Schulenberg for purchasing my entry at the Miss South Texas Futurity at the South Texas Beefmaster Breeders Buccaneer Sale in Corpus Christi.  Also, thanks to Billy Welkener of Kenedy for his purchase of my heifer by Catalyst.  The sale had some excellent cattle and was a very good sale.   It was also a great time for all who attended the party on Friday night.  I still have twelve registered Beefmaster heifers left to sell.  They will be turning one year old next month. Let me know and I will send you their weaning weights and copies of their registration certificates.

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