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Rancho Tres Hijos presently has two semi-annual seventy-five day breeding seasons. Cows are carefully matched to bulls for artificial insemination which have been selected to produce the thickness and uniformity desired by today’s beef industry. Both Pedigree and Performance information are used to match the bulls with the cows.  Approximately seven days prior to breeding, the cattle are sequenced so that they can all be bred at one time.  After a one-time AI, the cows are placed in breeding traps after about 20 days with one of our Herd Bulls for clean up. After seventy-five days have elapsed, the bulls are picked up and moved to a bull holding pasture. All bulls are fertility tested prior to use in the breeding program and any outside bulls that are used are both fertility tested and tested for trichomoniasis. The cows are blood tested for pregnancy approximately 30 days after breeding and any open cows are eliminated from the herd.  







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